Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor Cosmetics Co. Ltd.
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Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor
Cosmetics Co. Ltd.

Address: No. 16, Hangzhou, Fuyang, Zhejiang, Chunjian, industrial zone

About us

Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor Cosmetics Co. Ltd. is one of the famous manufacturers of domestic flavor. Company was founded in 1995, in the field of fragrance and fragrance technology advanced. The company has a number of senior experts, has formulated the essence of the experience and leading technology for more than 10 years. We have developed many products, widely used in the Hengan Group, Zhejiang Zhangguang 101 Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mei Chen Industrial Co., Ltd., Tongling Jieya Biochemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhanghua Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Guoguang, Zhejiang Ruibang etc. famous enterprises, the development of chemical smell fine varieties in perfume, soap, shampoo, bath liquid and detergent, personal care products and household cleaning agent.

The company's food flavor is widely used in all kinds of food, beverage, from the dessert to the ice cream, from the baking food to soft drinks, so that consumers feel more delicious. In the last ten years, the research on the flavor of the food has been greatly progressed. Simple extracts and concentrates have already been made to be located in the complex fragrance of raw materials and their products to meet the needs of modern food science and technology and people's tastes.

Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor Cosmetics Co. Ltd. has advanced production and testing equipment, in order to maintain the leading position in the industry of science and technology. We invest hundreds of million yuan introduction of famous University of extraction of Chinese herbal medicine liquid and biological extraction technology, is the construction of 10000 square meters of modern production and technology Research Center, the establishment of the research team, consisting of several experts, focus on the essential basic science and technology research.

The company has a strong technical force for customer service, the company database has nearly more than 3000 essence samples and reference types, technical parameters. Domestic in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Henan and other regions have our sales network, you can enjoy our quality services at any time and anywhere.

The company has a strict evaluation system of raw materials, high-quality raw materials to the world's advanced based, such as IFF and Givaudan flavors. With reference to the world's popular fragrance, to achieve high quality and low price, for the majority of Chinese manufacturers and food manufacturers to provide the world's latest flavor.

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